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Willow in Oatmeal Review

"This review is way overdue since my love of this brand started about two years ago. Parallel 51 is my fave brand! I love every piece that I have - the Willow pants, the Avery shirt, the Thea shorts, Theo mini skirt, Bella and Kara bodysuit, and the Noah blazer. Whenever I wear any of my pieces I always get compliments on them. I like how I can mix and match the different pieces and they look professional for work but also stylish for the evening. The quality of the fabric is top notch. I especially love the feel of the fabric for the black Willow pants. I should also mention that I have tried numerous bodysuits and nothing felt comfortable for me until I tried their bodysuits. Beautiful brand that you won't regret buying!"

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“Parallel 51 is about helping everyday women, making life more practical, efficient, and getting through each day in comfort and style. It’s very much about quality essentials that can be adapted for different occasions. The styles aren’t crazy. It’s good, classic, convenient items."


Rebecca Ling

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